Vanderburgh County Map

About the map

Maps shouldn't always be about boundaries. Sometimes, they can be about connections. The Evansville Vanderburgh County Community Map was created to showcase those connections by celebrating what makes our home so unique. Each and every piece of land, region, district, or neighborhood has a unique and individual feel, based on many things from our past and our present. Our community is shaped and enlivened by the diversity of its contents; both people and places.

This map was originally commissioned by the City of Evansville’s Department of Metropolitan Development. It was created on a one-color silk screened art map; illustrating all of the historic and current neighborhoods within the city of Evansville to help local residents get a better picture of the history of our city, and regain a sense of community and pride in where they live.

This project entailed 2 years of research consisting of locating historic and new maps, Google Earth, Vanderburgh County GIS, United Neighborhoods of Evansville maps, visiting local neighborhood watering holes and interviewing citizens and public officials to find the true history and identity of many (sometimes obscure) areas of town.

After filling in all of the blanks, a simple, black and white hand lettered design that was fun and casual and would look good in most any home as a piece of functional art was created. After several years, we have finally completed a full Vanderburgh County version of the map, complete with changes and updates to the original city map as well.

The boundaries are purposefully obscure, only hinting at borders, but more of a celebration of what makes our city and county so great. Whether it’s an officially organized neighborhood, a historic landing, a town, or just a commonly recognized area, it’s the uniqueness of all of these places that tells the story of our home town.

Celebrate our amazing community by purchasing this map and displaying it proudly. And, maybe take it a step further by finding out what areas you are connected to, and learn more about your neighbors - on your block and throughout the city.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to United Neighborhoods of Evansville (UNOE) and can be purchased from the below locations:

Where can you purchase

River City Coffee + Goods
223 Main St, Evansville, IN 47708

Farm 57
3443 Kansas Rd, Evansville, IN 47725